Activate Your Light Language

Activate Your Light Language

A 2-Day Workshop to activate your soul’s essential language

What if you could implement a practice that would strengthen your inner authority as a divine being and develop the clarity and courage to creatively express your Soul’s purpose? What if you could cultivate a process for deepening your connection to the divine so that you become more of the authentic self your soul designed you to be?

Did you know your voice is perfectly tuned to meet your needs as a unique soul-embodied? You came into this world with everything you needed within you. All of your light-coding, all of the tools needed to develop and express your signature medicine, everything that is needed to live out your purpose is within you, and you can access that inner wisdom through the instrument of your voice.

In Light-Language: Embodying Intention + Frequency, you will learn the metaphysics of sound as part of the fractal of creation. You will discover how to build a deeper connection to your body as an intuitive instrument, and how to create a connection to your divine creative light. You will discover how to deepen your relationship with Source, to your Soul Purpose, and to your Higher Self.