I offer live online programs as well as On-Demand programs and workshops. I also recommend workshops taught by teachers I have trained and guided into leadership withinin The Lightworkers Lab, and for whom I can personally vouch. All spiritual programs offered here are immersive, cutting-edge, and perfect for anyone looking to expand their experience in the world of Spirit.

Upcoming Live Classes


An 8-Week online program designed to help you channel Spirit by connecting to your inner channeling modality. Begins October 11, 2020.

This is an innovative and ground-breaking Intensive designed specifically to connect you to Spirit so you can draw down potent, useful, and TRANSFORMATIVE energy. The education you will receive will equip you to have dynamic and evidential encounters in the world of Spirit. The experiences you will have will put you up close and personal with your own divine channeling team.

This Intensive is best suited for intermediate and advanced students, in particular students who are not afraid of the world of Spirit and who already know how to meditate and/or have a meditation practice. We will meet live and online for education and coaching over the course of eight weeks.

Expect your life to change drastically as new information, energy, revelations, and LOVE pours into you, THROUGH YOU, by way of spiritual channeling.

This Intensive is not to be missed!

Blast open your psychic abilities

A 12-Week online program designed to help you connect with, activate and strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Begins January 11, 2021.

More info to come soon.

On-Demand Classes

Discover how to connect with (and channel) the GREATEST divine energy available

Discover incredibly powerful techniques to help you identify and communicate with the most powerful divine emissaries we have.

Exploring Interdimensional Worlds

In this incredibly popular program, students will learn about dimensions, cosmic rays, the Omnidimensionals, alien races, plus MANY groundbreaking techniques to achieve contact with our interdimensional friends.


Student Testimonials

Kesley K-W

"I am so happy to have stumbled upon Crystal’s YouTube channel. Finding her led me into so much growth, not only as a spiritual seeker, but also as a person committed to self-discovery and development. Through her work, I was able to find community and elevated education that far surpasses similar products/services I’ve experienced. Her courses and programs offer incredibly valuable content, covering a breadth of work and knowledge, along with the depth of personal inner-work and expansion I was looking for. I am forever grateful for her leadership, support, and educational guidance."

Christopher H

"The trait I have come to recognize in good leaders is the ability to assist others to get from where they are, to where they want to be. What sets Crystal Anne Compton apart from other leaders is her ability to assist you to get you where to want to be. Then blast past our limitations for continued expansion. Through her YouTube channel, spiritual development classes, and live teachings in The Lightworker’s Lab, I have been witness to this development of those who are impacted by her and her teachings."

Amy C

"Crystal Anne Compton is a profound and impactful teacher. Her courses, guidance, and coaching skills have helped me to grow and expand in my own abilities in such an immense way. Her teaching style is very organized and precise while still allowing room for the material to flow and expand based on the needs of her students. Her commitment to your growth and your ability to understand different metaphysical concepts is felt every step of the way. Crystal has a way of speaking right to your heart, that allows you to believe in the possibility of yourself and your potential. Her integrity, her compassion, and her dedication to her students and the spiritual community in which she leads, is what keeps me coming back again and again."

Jeremy S

"Crystal Anne Compton’s teaching and oratory style brings her classes and programs to life for the student. Her deep understanding of the complex metaphysical concepts she teaches on allows the information to flow smoothly and clearly, engaging her students on many levels, and facilitating easy understanding and absorption of the material. Her warmth, authenticity and humour create an environment of comfort for the student to safely explore and open up to new ways of perceiving the reality around and within them."