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Crystal Anne Compton

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a normal person. I don’t pretend to be a spiritual guru, just someone who focuses on spiritual development and practice. I actively use my life lessons to master my experience NOW.

My teachings are based on things I actually know, or have done, or have tried, or have personally mastered. I do not recommend anything to which I cannot personally attest.

I love teaching about spiritual sovereignty and fearlessness in the world of Spirit. I also love teaching about the primary spiritual gifts, also called intuition or psychic abilities. I believe we all have these gifts, that they are perfectly natural, and that we should use them freely in our daily lives.

I’m also the founder of The Lightworkers Lab, an online spiritual community of about 10,000 members. If you’re looking for a community that will embrace you and not judge you — you owe it to yourself to check out the Lab.

How I Got Here

I was born and raised in Hawaii, where I lived for the first quarter-century of my life.
Hawaii is a magical place filled with beauty and mysticism. It’s no wonder I now teach about magical manifestation and the intuitive arts!

But life wasn’t easy there.

Even though it was while in Hawaii that I saw my first spirits and attuned myself to the power of nature, I could not escape what was happening in my home life. My father was an incredibly abusive person and my childhood was, let’s just say, hard.
It’s no wonder I tripped and stumbled into full-on orthodox Christianity as a teenager. I was looking for some semblance of structure and safety, and the idea of a father (in heaven) who loved me was one that moved my heart.
Religion made sense for a while. For fifteen years it gave me what I needed. But I couldn’t stay in it forever.
I believe that for spiritual seekers there usually comes a point where we must break away from manmade institutions and dogma. We get brave and decide to set out on our own. That’s where I was.

I’ve been journeying ever since.

Where I Am Now


Well, Texas isn’t Hawaii … but I’ll take it!


Some personal tidbits about my life now, if you’re interested:


I am lucky enough to have married the man of my dreams. He’s a scientist by profession and an agnostic by nature, which made things interesting when he first learned I was some kind of woo-woo psychic chick.


I have a gorgeous daughter and daughter-in-law in Sedona, Arizona. Marrying them was one of the highlights of my life!


I have three huge Great Danes named Koa, Ku, and Sunshine.


They are my heart and I hate that they’re getting older. I want to put them in a time-space-bubble where they will be preserved just as they are, forever.


I’m also lucky enough that my best friend is also my business partner!


Tricia Carr and I are co-founders of Lightshine Spiritual Academy — more on this soon!

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to share what I’ve learned and what I love. I’m blessed to have thousands of subscribers and students all over the world!

You can find me on a variety of internet platforms, starting with my YouTube Channel, where I upload tons of free spiritual content. (There are over 600 metaphysical videos and counting.) Please like and subscribe!

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